On 3 November, Forensic Access’s Chief Executive, Professor Angela Gallop was invited to address the annual SIOs conference, organised by the National Police Chiefs’ Council, in Leeds. The title of her presentation was ‘Complex Case Forensics – lessons learned the hard way’. First she talked about common misconceptions about forensics in these sorts of cases and then she took her audience through five high profile case examples – including Lynette White (The Cardiff Three), Damilola Taylor, Rachel Nickell, Stephen Lawrence and the Coastal Path murders and explained in each case how the critical forensic evidence had been unearthed and the lessons that had been learned in the process. At the end, she summarised the learning in a series of critical success factors and then finished with some advice for investigators in how to make sure that they are working with the right kind of forensic team for this particular purpose. If they are not, then there is clearly a great risk that the critical evidence may never be revealed.

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Dr Angela Gallop, presenter of a talk titled ‘Complex Case Forensics – lessons learned the hard way’

Dr Angela Gallop, CBE, forensic scientist and CEO of the independent forensic science company, Forensic Access, presented a paper at the NPCC SIO Conference in Nov 15.