Strengthening law enforcement by increasing forensic science capability and capacity

Every country has its own unique criminal justice system and supporting law enforcement infrastructure. It is important that these are well understood when helping to design any programme for improvement. While there are clearly lessons to be learnt from other jurisdictions, simply implanting someone else’s model is unlikely to achieve the most effective outcome. This is as true of forensic science as everything else. So the most effective way to understand how best to make improvements in forensic science capability and capacity is by conducting a review of existing arrangements, discussing ambitions for the future and devising a plan to bridge the two with a detailed roadmap for implementation including milestones of achievement.


Track record examples

Detailed assessments of current capability and performance

Detailed recommendations for improvement

Carefully phased implementation plans with different cost options

Full service forensic laboratories to specialist, single service facilities

Recommendations on training and mentoring

Recommendations on adjustments to working practices

Recommedations on re-arrangements of working environment

Recommendations on specific equipment upgrades

Recommendations on equipment replacement and/or additions


The Axiom team has vast experience

Running everything from full service forensic laboratories to specialist technical units, and planning and managing rapid growth to meet significant fluctuations in demand. This has variously included designing entirely new laboratories or refurbishing existing ones, training the staff – both scientists and managers, who are to work in them, specifying, ordering, installing and commissioning new equipment and consumables, obtaining and maintaining international accreditation (ISO 17025), and ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the services available so they use them effectively.

This means that within a relatively short space of time, Axiom can work out what is required, how best to go about achieving it and what the costs involved are likely to be. The Company can then provide all the necessary practical help and support to ensure success.

Access an unparalleled combination of policing and forensic science expertise