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The inaugural Human IDentification Solutions (HIDS) conference took place in Madrid, March 3-4, 2015. This conference focused on advancing and extending the forensics workflow and brought together leading international forensic experts who presented their experiences of using the latest technology.”

Forensic Access’ Dr Angela Gallop, representing our sister company, Axiom International Ltd, gave a presentation titled “Needles in Haystacks—finding DNA traces to test in complex, historic cases”


Angela’s presentation focussed on:

  • Historic cases and additional challenges they present
  • Five of the UK’s most complex and high profile cases and how they were solved
  • Lessons learned from each for the future
  • Particularly in relation to finding DNA traces to test
  • And ensuring quality and relevance of the results

The HIDS web page is hosting the contents of the presentations and will, shortly, be publishing videos of them as well.