Professionalising Policing Activities – through Tailor-made Policing Training and Mentoring Programmes

Axiom recognises the wide range of challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in different jurisdictions around the world and offers a range of courses covering all aspects of criminal investigation and associated policing activities to assist local forces in meeting these. These courses are easily adapted to suit local requirements, ensuring that they focus on key challenges and make a real and immediate difference to day-to-day operations. 

Courses include:

Crime Investigators Development Programme

equipping front line investigators with the knowledge, understanding and skills to conduct professional and objective investigations

Advanced Investigative Interviewing

developing knowledge plans and providing interviewers with the skills to prepare and put into effect advanced interviewing strategies based on these

Forensic Awareness Courses

ensuring a proper awareness, appreciation and understanding of the importance of forensic science when dealing with criminal investigations and how to access this

Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)

providing basic crime scene investigator skills including good practice ijn evidence selection and recovery and knowledge relevant to Health and Safety procedures

Leadership Development Programme

improving operational performance through effective leadership at all ranks and grades

Initial Management of Serious Crime

enabling officers to manage crime investigations and resources effectively at first line management level

Investigative Interviewing Advisor

developing the ability of the interviewer to manage, advise and co-ordinate interviews for complex and major investigations


ourses providing officers with the necessary skills and expertise to conduct effective surveillance operations including Static Surveillance * Foot Surveillance * Mobile and Foot Surveillance * Surveillance, and maintain and manage the surveillance logs

Exhibits Officer

ensuring the recovery of exhibits is managed in a structured and evidentially safe manner

Media Awareness

preparing and developing effective media skills for potential representatives within the organisation to ask as spokespersons

Detective Inspectors’ Development Programme

developing the skills of senior detectives to improve their professional management of investigations

Senior Investigating Officer Programme

developing existing skills of officers appointed as Senior Investigating Officers (SIOs) to ensure the effective management and speediest resolution of major investigations

Introduction to Intelligence and Analysis

introducing the fundamental aspects of crime and intelligence analysis and its use in prevention and detection of crime

Search and Seizure

a practical course designed to ensure that appropriate procedures are followed and most effective methods of search and seizure of ??? are employed

International Emergency Planning and Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)

delivering the practical help and advice needed to ensure timely processing of information and remains, and to protect the reputation of organisations involved including Governments, law enforcement and forensic providers

Investigative Interviewing

providing investigators with the knowledge and skills to interview victims, witnesses and suspects most effectively and ensure the results are court compliant

Specialist Investigations

courses providing participants with specialist skills and expertise in specific areas such as homicide, rape, kidnap and extortion, counter terrorism

Crime and Intelligence Analysis

developing the necessary skills and understanding to enable meaningful analysis of crime and volume information

First Responders

providing those officers who are likely to be first on the scene of an incident with an understanding of forensic potential and how to safeguard this

All of Axiom’s training courses for police are delivered by very experienced police officers and force trainers and are designed to equip students with all the necessary practical skills and knowledge in all aspects of criminal investigation and ready to be put into immediate operational practice. Some of these courses are designed to be integrated with the forensic programmes – to ensure that criminal investigations benefit to the maximum extent from forensic inputs; others are more general in nature.