Specialist training and mentoring programmes

Axiom offers specialist training and mentoring programmes to enhance performance of lawyers and judges to ensure Human Right compliant and more effective systems of criminal justice. These programmes are all tailor-made to suit the needs of particular jurisdictions.

The starting point is normally an assessment of the current baseline of practices, a training needs analysis, and development of a training programme which addresses deficiencies and builds capacity. Courses are scenario based sensitive to cultural differences and intensely practical – involving high levels of interaction, hands on exercises, team building and pastoral tutoring.

Local case studies are used to contextualise the training so it remains relevant throughout and has an immediate and lasting impact on performance.

Track record examples

Reviewing current practice and then designing and delivering a series of courses overseas for prosecuting lawyers and judiciary.

Programmes in several African countries to help improve advocacy and judicial skills relevant to the successful prosecution of Counter Terrorism and Major Crimes.