Axiom’s geographical reach is worldwide, including; Somalia; Somaliland; the Caribbean; Nigeria; Pakistan; China; Afghanistan; Albania and Kosovo and, in some countries, extends to managing flagship UK government schemes to resettle returnees.

Axiom’s work is planned and administered by our core team in our London office and we also have offices in Somalia, Somaliland and Pakistan with effective operating platforms in all the countries we work with, ensuring we are able to provide close operational delivery and management.

The Axiom team includes in-depth technical expertise in all thematic areas in which we work, supported by cross-cutting expertise in construction, procurement, IT, communications, finance and programme management. We encourage and support our people in their professional development and foster a multi-disciplinary approach to finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

Enriching and focusing police investigation

Reviewing criminal investigation departments

Developing and delivering police training programmes

Ensuring better use of forensic science in preventing/detecting crime

Helping tackle specific types of criminal activity

Providing support for problem cases

Strengthening forensic science capability and capacity

Reviewing forensic labs

Designing and equipping forensic labs

Developing and delivering forensic science training courses

Helping achieve international accreditation

Providing managed services for forensic labs

Helping solve the most difficult cases

Professionalising prosecutions

Reviewing legal case management and court systems

Baselining current prosecution practices for improvement

Designing and delivering specialist legal training programmes for prosecutors and judiciary

John Kelly

John Kelly

COO of Axiom International Ltd

A former senior detective with Greater Manchester Police, and Head of Intelligence and Technical Services for the Force. John has extensive experience of running large multi-disciplinary policing and justice teams in the UK and abroad, and also directing multi-million-pound service and construction projects in conflict-affected areas of the world.

John Parkinson

John Parkinson

Senior Advisor - Counter Terrorism & National Security

A former senior national counter terrorism officer at Scotland yard before coming Deputy Chief and subsequently Chief Constable of the 4thlargest Police Force in the UK and a Vice President of the ACPO TAM Committee. Led significant corporate change programmes with specific research interest in performance management and improvement. Successfully directed CT development programmes overseas.

Jon Blows

Jon Blows

Chief Financial Officer of AFA International

Jon Blows is a Fellow of the ICAEW (FCA). After qualifying, Jon worked worked for a number of technology-based businesses as Finance and Operations Director until 2008, when he became a Principal at the FD Centre. Whilst there Jon oversaw the sale of a forensic toxicology business, was CFO and COO of a digital forensics business, and provided consultancy to a number of growing technology and forensic businesses. In 2020 Jon joined the management team at Forensic Access, Axiom’s sister business, and, after the acquisition of Axiom and Forensic Access in September 2020, became the Group CFO.
Ed Nutter

Ed Nutter

Finance Director

An experienced Finance Director with experience in a range of industries, including construction, retail and professional services.

Rachel Burrows

Rachel Burrows

Operations Director, Axiom International Ltd

Rachel Burrows (Operations Director) – Rachel has held a range of roles overseeing, managing, and providing technical input on security and justice programmes in conflict-affected states over the last 8 years including in East Africa, North Africa, Middle East and the Balkans. She holds a BA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University and a MA in Conflict, Security and Development from Kings College London.

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